Bonjo Management: (Managing your negative behavior)

BONJO MANAGEMENT (Managing your Bonjo effect)

Though Bonjo is a fictitious character, every one encounters a Bonjo effect several times in their life. Bonjo is nothing but a negative character born within a human mind out of laziness, false prestige, situational pressure, wrong authority, lack of respect or recognition, loss of confidence, fear of failure and many more actual or perceived contributors.

Bonjo Management is the new dynamics in management. May it be managing yourself, managing situations or managing others. In this introductory session, I would answer some of your questions.

1. What is Bonjo Management

a. It is about managing difficult situations as well as managing normal situations so that it does not push you in to further difficulties.

b. Today’s discussion is only an introduction to understand the concept…. and detailed analysis will be made through the upcoming modules.

2. Why Bonjo Management?

Life is becoming a pressure cooker for all of us

Bonjo Management is the safety valve that prevents a possible explosion.

3. Who is Bonjo?

· Bonjo is not just a character, IT IS A BEHAVIOR

· it is WITHIN me, you and everyone else.

· There are several variables of Bonjo

· and there is always a Bonjo present in each one of us

· And keeps changing its behavior, outcome, and consequences on ourselves and others.


One successful corporate boss took retirement and lived in a farm house near a mountain.

To kill his boredom, he brought some dogs and trained them as hunters.

He ranked them as per corporate designations like executive, manager etc. to the dogs

On a Sunday morning, a colonel from the army came in to get a dog for hunting

and the farm owner had to say sorry as all the dogs were pre-booked and gone.

The colonel never wanted to give up and tried all his ways to get one arranged.

To the surprise of the colonel, at that point came the sound… BOW-Wow from inside and he said…

"It couldn't be any more obvious, old buddy, I can hear a sweet bark from inside and gimme that one."

The owner said “ Oh… that is Bonjo, he is of no use as he is just bought and we are yet to start even the induction training”…

Colonel said he was ok with even an untrained new fellow as he was desperate.

The owner disagreed as an untrained dog would not perform and would spoil his reputation.

But the colonel insisted and finally the OWNER halfheartedly agreed to leave Bonjo with the soldier for free but at the soldier’s risk.

In the evening, the soldier was back with Bonjo and heaps of praise for his proactiveness, proficiency, abilities, state of mind, information, vitality and every other positive thing.

Three months gone, the soldier called our OWNER to pre-book Bonjo

and the OWNER agreed for a price as Bonjo became a hunting executive after having completed his induction and on job trainings.

After the hunt, the soldier was even more happy with Bonjo.

Next time price went up as Bonjo took another quick promotion and became a senior hunting executive.

The price for Bonjo kept on increasing each time with regular promotions to asst manager, manager, assistant vice president etc

and so was the soldier’s happiness index.

And during each stage Bonjo displayed different skills, innovations, and varied emotions too.

Then came a day when the soldier called up the OWNER to pre book Bonjo. The Owner said, Bonjo is not available any more to support him and offered any other dog with equally good skills.

The soldier was struck with a lightening of emotional breakdown, whispered in his shivering voice “BONJO … IS.. HE .. NO MORE”?

The OWNER said, “not really soldier, Bonjo ……. Is alive, but he stopped doing any work….. ever since I promoted him as a Vice President”

We might encounter varieties of BONJOS every day

Bonjo management is the philosophy of managing or redirecting each type of Bonjo within us to a productive one.

4. When should I consider the Bonjo Management?

Bonjo Management is not…. once in a life time activity to make rest of the life easy. It should be considered as a routine ritual aimed at empowering ourselves day in and day out.

5. How can I practice Bonjo Management?

We don’t have to practice it. Just understand various behavioral changes of the Bonjo within us and redirect the energy towards our own goals.

We will talk about all the conceivable practices of Bonjo and

diverse approaches to handle them in the coming sessions.

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